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History of Lymphatic System Principles of CLT
Anatomy / Physiology Contraindications / Indications
Microcirculation / Fluid Exchange Preventative measures - keeping lymphoedema in the Latent phase
Immune function Measuring swelling / calculating reductions
Pathophysiology Lymphotomes - head, neck, trunk, limbs
Aetiology Manual drainage techniques - entire body.
Classification of Lymphoedema Creating pathways - for a functional or dysfunctional lymphatic system. All regions.
Diagnosis / differential diagnosis Multi-layer bandaging - limbs & practical solutions for truncal oedema
Clinical Evaluation / treatment plan Compression garments
Tests / imaging for lymphoedema Exercises for lymphoedema; hydrotherapy
Facial / breast / oedema Patient education - home care
Effects of oedema local & remote Skin care / precautions
Genital oedema theory & containment. History of drug research - nutrition trends
Psychosocial effects of lymphoedema Other therapies, aids - laser etc
Lipoedema & combination forms Scope of practice in different settings
Elephantiasis & filariasis Clinic set up / business considerations
Special situations: palliative, wounds Documentation / Insurance
Care during cancer treatment Organisations